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$85 per hour 9 AM to 5 PM PST Monday - Friday $120 per hour nights, weekends, Holidays. $850 retainer.

Every new client is entitled to one free initial case consultation not to exceed 1 half hour.

Additional charges, mileage, out of pocket expenses, and report preparation should also be taken into consideration.

All court records and database searches, postage, notary fees are a separate charge and not included in the investigation's hourly rate.

Prior to the beginning of each investigation, a retainer fee is required up front. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order or credit card.

Any field investigation which exceeds the initial client authorized retainer will require additional funds prior to completion of case. Allowing an adequate retainer amount will keep the investigation continuing without delay. We will not exceed the amount you have authorized us to investigate your case without your written consent.

* Payment in Full required prior to release of any reports.


We also offer many flat fee services on this web site. These flat fee investigations do not include any email or telephone consultations or case updates.

If we have worked with you in the past and you are already familiar with our services and procedures you can save money by ordering a flat fee investigation.

If you are a professional in the field of investigations, debt collections, bail enforcement or auto repossession you should be familiar with the products and services available on this web site and you too can save money by ordering a flat fee investigation.

Below you can find a link to order forms for our most popular flat fee investigations:

Reverse Email Trace Report $199 Locate or identify someone by email address

Blog or Web Page Identification $199.99 Locate or identify someone by blog post or Internet activity. IE Facebook, CraigsList.

Find Secret Email Accounts $99.99 Obtain secret email accounts.

Hacked Email Account Investigation Price: $399.99 (30 Days) We monitor your email account to identify unauthorized access.

Dating Service (Infidelity) Assessment Price: $69.00 We trace an email address back to secret online dating sites. Add Porn Sites & Escort Services $29.99

Personal Ad Investigation $199 We use a pretext personal ad to contact the subject of the above investigation

Gambling Addiction Investigation Price: $99.99 Trace an email address back to online gambling sites.

Asset Search Investigation $399.00 Locate assets

Telephone Harassment Investigation Price: $850.00 We monitor your phone line to unblock caller ID blocked calls.

Handheld Digital Forensics $399.00 Cell phone examination to recover deleted texts and other data.

Computer Forensic Examination $249.99 Initial examination of a computer hard drive to determine what deleted data can be recovered.

Skip Trace Price: $135.00 Locate missing persons, debtors, long lost friends, relatives.

Please do not order a flat fee investigation and expect case updates, progress reports or free consultation. Any consultation time will be charged to the card on file.

Of course you can always begin any investigation with a flat fee investigation and Add Progress Reports, Email & Telephone Consultations, at any time.

Full Service Retainer

Price: $850.00